Our Services

JB Construction is a Commercial and Agricultural Concrete Contractor Company based in Coaldale/Lethbridge and servicing Southern Alberta. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable workers is committed to delivering high-quality concrete work and doing it right the first time. Whether we’re doing foundation work or pouring slabs, every job is as important as the last and we never compromise on quality or the integrity of our work.

The concrete construction industry can be dangerous. Every day our team encounters potential hazards and risks on the job site. Our extensive safety awareness and training program ensures that each team member knows how to assess, avoid and manage potentially dangerous situations. Safety is a number one priority at JB Construction Inc.

The Certificate Of Recognition and the COR Process is a safety certification offered through the ACSA (Alberta Construction Safety Association) to ensure proper training and processes are performed by certified companies and organizations. JB Construction Inc. is proud to be COR Certified as a part of our internal Health & Safety Program.

Agricultural Concrete Work

JB Construction Inc. is a local industry leader in agricultural concrete construction including floors, silage pits and irrigation related concrete.

Commercial Concrete Work

JB Construction Inc. is known for large-scale concrete work for many commercial building projects such as large shops/warehouses, factories and retail stores.

J.B. Concrete Pumping Inc.

JB Concrete Pumping Inc. is an affiliate of JB Construction Inc. and offers concrete pumping services for commercial, agricultural and residential projects. To learn more about JB Concrete Pumping Inc., Click Here.

JB Slip-forming

JB Construction is proud to introduce our new Concrete Extruding Service. Our equipment and crew are capable of handling all slip-forming jobs for commercial, residential and agricultural purposes!